Infusion sets Brise plus


The sets are made of high quality materials with a constant monitoring of manufacturing quality.
All details of infusion and transfusion systems are inert and fully compatible with pharmaceutical products;
Quality certificates: CE 0123, ISO 13485:2003;
1. IS-01. Infusion Set Brise plus with plastic needle vented;
2. IS-109. Infusion Set Brise plus with metal needle no vented;
Injection needle size:
21G X 1 1/2" (models: IS-01, IS-109);
Type of needle fixation:
Luer Slip
Sterilization method: ethylene oxide;
Packaging type: outer carton/inner polyethylene bag/individual polyethylene bag;
Quantity of sets in the outer carton and inner polyethylene bag:
500/25 – for infusion sets;



• Conformity assessment certificate
• Type examination certificate 
• Declaration of conformity