Shoe covers Brise plus


The shoe covers are made of high quality material.
Material: spun bond - 17 cm x 41 cm, 30 g/Chlorinated polyethylene - 13 cm x 38 cm, 3g;


Color: blue – spun bond shoe covers; dark blue - chlorinated polyethylene shoe covers;


Quality certificates: ISO 13485:2003;


The method of sterilization: non-sterile;


Outer carton/inner bag;


Quantity of shoe covers in outer carton/ inner bag, pairs:


Dimensions of outer carton, cm:
55×32×46cm - spun bond shoe covers;
55×20×37cm - chlorinated polyethylene shoe covers;
Weight outer carton, gross/net kg:
9.0/8.5 - spun bond shoe covers;
6.5/6.0 - chlorinated polyethylene shoe covers



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