Tourniquets Brise plus 

Reusable medical tourniquets made of high quality elastic cotton fabric.
Indications: stopping of local bleeding;


Easy and reliable fixation;
Type of fixation: plastic clasp;


Options: for adults/children;


Size, cm:
2,5 x 45 – adults;
2,5 x 35 – children;


Color: different colors are available;


Quality certificates: ISO 13485:2003;


Packaging type: outer carton/inner polyethylene box;


Quantity of tourniquets in the outer carton/inner box, pieces:


Dimensions of the outer carton, cm:


Weight of the outer carton, gross/net, kg:
18.5/17.0 – children tourniquet
19.5/18.0 – adult tourniquet 




• Declaration of conformity