"Zakhid-Medica" company was created a team of young associates, having rich experience in building and implementing successful business projects in several European countries.

Over the past few years, was created a favourable atmosphere for the successful launch of the company "Zakhid-Medica" in Ukraine and to maximize the potential of its employees in several priority areas, including the medical devices, law and logistics.

In 2016 the company "Zakhid-Medica" got authority to represent on the Ukrainian market of products of Estonian company «GBI & CLC OÜ», the trademark owner Brise plus, which specializes in a wide range of medical products, having impeccable reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of high quality products, and known for its balanced and loyal pricing policy




Brise plus brand it is the crown of fruitful work of the leading European specialists and experts, established in close cooperation with major manufacturers of medical products in South-East Asia.

Brise plus products combines the latest achievements of scientific and technological progress, modern and attractive design, meets the most stringent requirements of both professionals and consumers.

All goods under the brand Brise plus  produced at the largest  licensed plants and offer a complete package of documentation certifying the highest quality, including the certificates of ISO, CE, TÜV, FDA, the packaging and instructions, adapted to each country.


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Benefits of the products of Brise plus brand
1. The European manufacturer - Estonian company GBI & CLC OÜ;
2. The production base of the company - a factory with 26 years of experience in the field of medical devices;
3. The availability of international quality certificates ISO13485: 2003, CE0123, FDA 510K;
4. Products brand Brise plus the first in Ukraine has received a complete package of permits documents in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations;
5. Products of brand Brise plus is made from high quality transparent medical grade polypropylene South Korean production;
6. Injection needles are made of special medical Japanese stainless steel (type 304);
7. The optimum angle for sharpening needles syringes and infusion sets, which is 11 °, for transfusion sets - 15 °, which provides maximum ease and comfort during the injections;
8. The construction of the piston, it provides a clear and smooth motion along the entire length of the syringe barrel;
9. The materials of construction of all parts of syringes and sets are completely inert and compatible with the drug;
10. The calibration of the syringe cylinder ensures exact dosing of the drug substance;
11. The range of infusion and transfusion sets allows full use of the potential of infusion and transfusion therapy


The main mission of the company "Zahid-Medica" - to make a contribution to improving the health of the people of Ukraine by providing an extended range of advanced medical products of the European quality and socially oriented price range

The purpose of the company "Zahid-Medica" - to provide professionals and patients the most complete and objective information about the features of medical devices, provided on the Ukrainian market and to direct them to the best in this area

Our motto - we offer the best options, you only need to make the right choice!

Employees of the company "Zahid-Medica" always provide expert advices, provide the monitoring of the timely delivery of goods ordered by you to any place in Ukraine!